Guide to choosing your portal

Your old rusty portal has done its time! Decided to replace your portal? The choice is vast, in terms of materials, types of aperture and options. A short guide to help you choose your portal according to your desires and your budget.

our choose its portal, you will have to focus on two important parameters namely, its type of aperture (beating or sliding) and its material (wood portal, aluminum, PVC, etc.). The choice of an automated solution may be one more feature to consider. A golden rule to remember before choosing and installing your portal, it must not encroach on the public road at the opening.

Portal beating or sliding: To be defined according to the available space
First choice to make, and among the wealthiest to find the portal that suits you: that of the opening. There are two large portal families: swinging portals and sliding portals.

The swinging gates can have two or three fronts. Excluding exeptional cases, these portals open inwards and are preferred if you have space in your garden allowing it to open without problem. Cheaper than the sliding portal, the flying portal offers the cheapest entry-level on the market.

The sliding portal is the ultimate pass-saving solution for small outdoors. A guide to choosing its gateAttention, its installation requires a clearance space at least equal to that between the two pillars, plus 50 meters. The larger models go up to 5 meters wide. There are models on rail or freestanding.
Note: if your entrance is sloping, the installation of a flying portal is often impossible. Two solutions: install a flap that opens outwards provided it does not encroach on the road. Otherwise you will have to opt for a sliding model.

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