Price of installing a ceiling fan: which style to choose?

Ceiling fans come in every style and material imaginable, from traditional carved oak to stainless steel to models resembling airplane propellers. You'll find a matching style to your home.

The first point to consider when choosing your ceiling fan is the visual impact of the fan relative to the rest of the room. If the latter is of modest size, a large fan will attract attention. But if your ceiling is large, the fan you install will more easily go unnoticed. If you want your fan to match the decoration of your room, choose a model whose colors will resemble those of the walls and furniture (a shade of wood matched to that of the baseboards for example) and respect the style (modern, traditional, etc.).

The price range of a ceiling fan is very wide, you will be spoilt for choice in terms of models and prices. The price of ceiling fans ranges from 70 to more than 700 euros for high-end models.

Price of installing a ceiling fan: choice of size
The role of a ceiling fan is to ensure good air circulation. The size of the room where the fan will be installed therefore determines the size of the fan. In order for air circulation to be optimal in a large room, it may even be necessary to install several fans. The more powerful the engine, the higher the price.

If you're looking to reduce costs by installing a smaller ceiling fan or if you're installing only one fan instead of two, the fan may not be powerful enough to effectively brew the air in the piece. It is therefore important not to neglect the functional aspect before making a decision.

Price of installing a ceiling fan: additional electricity costs

A ceiling fan consumes about as much electricity as most fixtures. Seek the advice of a professional electrician to determine if installing a ceiling fan is unlikely to overload the electrical grid in the room. If your fan is equipped with lighting, check upstream that your electrical grid has the ability to support the new installation (fan newer light). If the electricity grid is not sufficiently efficient, then a new electrical arrival will have to be installed and a budget for the workforce will have to be provided.

The average hourly rate for an electrician is between 35 and 45 euros per hour. The installation of a ceiling fan can be done by a professional in one to two hours. To contact a competent professional in your area and get a quote, click here. Also keep in mind that eventually your electric bill will increase accordingly.

Price of installing a ceiling fan: installation

Although some ceiling fans have an electrical outlet that can be plugged into a wall socket, most models require electrical cables to be pulled. If you replace an old fan, the installation will be much simpler because then you just have to use the existing wires.

In any case, since this is electrical grid work, we strongly advise you to hire an electrician to install a ceiling fan for obvious safety reasons. This will ensure that your facility complies with safety standards. It is also important that the fan is securely suspended and well balanced to allow optimal operation. In any case, you will not regret this installation that will bring you great comfort in everyday life.

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