Aluminum portal or PVC?

You want to install a new portal and you are hesitant. Aluminum portal or PVC, what to choose? The answer depends on your desires, the environment of the house, the climate and your budget. Follow the guide for a portal tailored to his needs.

The gate protects the home and brings a real stamp to your home. At the entry level, a portal can cost you about 300 euros. But the exact price of your portal will also depend on the length of your land, the type of opening and especially the material chosen.

At the time of purchase, PVC portals and aluminum portals are among the most frequently compared options by individuals. So, PVC portal or aluminum?

To accompany you in your choice, our guide will answer these essential questions:
  •     Portal PVC or aluminum what to choose?
  •     what portal maintenance?
  •     PVC portal or custom aluminum how much does it cost?
  •     Aluminum portal or PVC what is the most durable?
  •     Aluminum portal or PVC: how much does it cost?

Aluminum portal or PVC: before choosing

Outdoor PVC or aluminum gates are among the most frequently installed closure solutions in private gardens. Although they have some commonalities, there are many differences between these two materials.

The aluminum portal is acclaimed for its aesthetics. It displays clean lines and neat finishes. It comes in several colours, in order to perfectly match the fa├žade of the house. Some aluminum portals even perfectly mimic the wrought iron portal, while being cheaper, with an average price of around 6000 euros for a high-end portal. But the entry-level aluminum portal is more affordable, averaging 1650 euros.

The PVC portal (vinyl polychloride), on the other hand, is the cheapest portal on the market with an average cost of around 1200 euros . This portal is light and weatherproof. It doesn't rust. Beware, however, to first-price PVC portals, they can have a pronounced plastic appearance and deform quickly, in the absence of support structure.

The PVC portal and the aluminum portal have common features. They can be manufactured industrially or bespoke. These two portals are also power portals. Then you have to have an extra budget. In fact, the price of motorising a portal is usually between 500 and more than 3000 euros. In addition, the PVC or aluminum portal may have one or two windows or be a sliding portal.

Finally, to have a solid and well-established portal, it is best to call on a professional. It will then cost you between 300 and 1000 euros , knowing that the installation of a PVC portal is in the low range. Indeed, because of its lightness, it is easier to handle.

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